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"Wounds Part 3" - Psalm 91 Pastor David Kight February 20, 2011
Pastor Davids reminds us that though we may be wounded in this world there is a place we can go that is 'A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth'. Psalm 91 is a shadow, a type, of the beauty of what is to come for those who believe.
"Wounds Part 2" - Psalm 91 Pastor David Kight February 13, 2011
Pastor David leads us through a process for forgiveness. This process, found in Scripture, can help us to let go and heal of some of the wounds that we have been carrying around for years. Once forgiveness takes over, we will be more able to lie down in the comfort of Psalm 91.
'Wounds Part 1' - Psalm 91 Pastor David Kight February 6, 2011
This First of a Four-Part Series explores our inability to find true comfort even in the place described in Psalm 91.
Sacrifice Pastor David Kight July 5, 2010
As children of The Most High God, we are called to not only 'Sacrifice' our time, talents, and possessions, but to actually BE a 'Sacrifice' - to lay our lives onto the altar of God. This is what the Bible calls our 'reasonable service'.
"The Holy Spirit - Series Wrap Up Pastor David Kight June 13, 2010
The Holy Spirit is the only thing missing from a live lived under the umbrella of the Christian Faith. Its an active presence of The Bible, God The Father, God The Son, and God the Holy Spirit that determines the extent to which one has the ability to live life as a child of God. It is possible. It is not, I repeat not practical. Its only when it becomes personal that spark is brought forth than can rage to an all-consuming fire an presence in a lif
"The Resurrection - The Dividing Line" Pastor David Kight June 10, 2010
The Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15:14 that, "if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith." We celebrate the blessed event of The Resurrection every year because it is the 'Dividing Line' of our faith with everything prior to it looking forward and everything preceding it looking back.
"The Outlaw" Pastor David Kight June 7, 2010
The Jesus Movement of the '60's and 70's portrayed Jesus as an Outlaw - someone who lived outside the lines of proper religion. We He was and He did and he call to you and I to "Follow", come outside the lines and find a Faith that will last an eternity.
"Somebody Needs To Know Something" Pastor David Kight June 7, 2010
In Psalm 139, the Psalmist cries out to God. The writer needs to know that The Lord knows him. We all need that. Perhaps today will be the day it happens for you.
"One Another Pastor David Kight June 6, 2010
As we continue to build our Biblical World View, the space under our umbrella is filling up. In addition to The Bible, God The Father, and Jesus the Savior, The Lord is very clear that we are to add "One Another" to the list.
Digging For Bedrock Pastor David Kight April 18, 2010
In order to build a Biblical World View, the bedrock of the Bible must be the launching pad.
"The Swoosh of Angels" Pastor David Kight November 29, 2009
God still shows Himself and His power in supernatural ways to those whose faith is not too small to hold such things. Special Guest: Emily Wauford
You Are In This Thing Pastor David Kight September 11, 2009
The Bible is not a dead book about dead people. It is a book that is 'alive'. We as believers are connected to it, share in its life, and can claim its story as ours.
"The Name Of Jesus" Pastor David Kight September 1, 2009
There are a lot of big names in the world today. Many are so recognizable as to need only one name to set their entire 'image'. But, someday, perhaps a day not too far away, only one name will matter - the name of Jesus.
"Jesus Loves Me" Pastor David Kight August 16, 2009
It's amazing how quickly the enemy can turn our attention away from how much the Lord Jesus loves us. But there is a way to fight back.
"Some Of You Could Say" Pastor David Kight August 9, 2009
The 'song'-writer of Psalm 116 shares a lot that will feel familiar to most of us. So, it seems that 'Some of You Could Say' the same as the author. Listen and see.
Meet Me At The Loading Dock Part 5 - Forgiveness/Unforgiveness Pastor David Kight September 28, 2008
Special guest, Peg Fundis, reminds us of the weight of 'unforgiveness'. It can crush us to the point of despair. Thank God for the Lighthouse.
Meet Me At The Loading Dock Part 4 - Anger Pastor David Kight September 21, 2008
Anger separates us; from the ones we love; even God. Join us as we look at '3 Roads In and 3 Roads Out' of our anger.
Meet Me At The Loading Dock Part 3 - Shame Pastor David Kight September 14, 2008
Satan would love to keep us wrapped in a 'blanket of shame' with everything going out or coming in muffled by our past hurts. But the Lord has other plans - freedom.
"Meet Me At The Loading Dock - Part 2, Guilt" Pastor David Kight September 7, 2008
An exploration of guilt in the lives of two types of people: 1. Guilty People and 2. People With Guilt
"Meet Me At The Loading Dock - Part 1 - Introduction Pastor David Kight August 31, 2008
Using the somewhat silly idea of a "truck loading dock", we layout the following four weeks as we study guilt, shame, anger, and unforgiveness.
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