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  • So Simple - So Powerful

    August 23, 2009 by David Kight


    I've known it was coming all week long. A couple of people had mentioned to me about this person and that person needing special prayer. Of course, I pray for all of our people but I am aware that some are struggling so due to illness, the economy, or just life in general. So, today, about half-way through my sermon I just stopped - or should I say, I was stopped and we did something 'so simple' and yet 'so powerful'. We prayed, yep, just prayed. Nothing fancy, we just prayed. We called for the Elders, pulled out the oil, and opened the altar for prayer - anyone, for any reason. And, my did they come.

    Do you still pray? I mean really pray? Do you pray for you children, everyday, that the Lord would shower them with His blessings and surround them with His protection. Do you pray for your Husband or Wife? Do you pray that the power of the Holy Spirit would enable them to be everything that the Lord Jesus has planned for them? Do you pray for your friends? Do you pray that they would be challanged to seek after the Lord and His mercy and grace all through the day? Do you still pray?

    If you do, then please add myself, my darling Wife, my most beautiful Daughter, my strong Son-In-Law, and my Four Fabulous Grandchildren to your list. Nothing fancy, just remember us when you pray. I saw today how something 'so simple' can be 'so powerful'.

  • I Lived Through The Sixties

    August 19, 2009 by David Kight

    Maybe we owe the Sixties an apology.


     I lived through the Sixties. I know, they say that if you can remember living through the Sixties then you didn't really ‘live' through the Sixties. Still, I lived through the Sixties. I remember the marches for and against the War in Viet Nam; the marches for and against Civil Rights; the marches for and against Gay and Lesbian rights; the marches for and against Abortion; and on and on. It was obvious that, during the Sixties, we were a divided nation. Feelings ran white hot on both sides concerning any agenda - we were a divided nation. College campuses erupted into violence - we were a divided nation. Families took sides; churches took sides; everybody took sides - we were a divided nation.

    But, with all that, I feel that we are more divided now than ever before - especially within the conservative church. I've wondered of late, as I listen to commentators from both Conservative and Liberal sides taking verbal pot-shots at petty things like the way people dress, the way they talk, or the weight they might have gained, if we realize how much damage this kind of behavior does, to both sides. It takes all attention away from the real issues. Plus, our children are watching and listening. Moreover, our Lord Jesus is watching and listening.

    Yes, I have views - they are Bible-based, conservative views. Yes, I take stands - they are Bible-based, conservative stands. No, I'm not afraid of a fight - I am, after all, enlisted in the Lord's army and to some degree, a leader. But, some things just should not be said - especially by Christians. My goodness, we sound like a bunch of snotty little third-graders and the best we can do is talk about how someone's clothes fit, or not.

    Lord I ask that you arm us all to ‘fight the good fight' of faith and ‘having done all we can do, to stand' on the principles taught in the Holy Scriptures. But, Lord, please deliver us from the pit of slander for the sake of slander alone.  It does not honor you Son.

    Shame on Satan for such a tactic and shame on us for falling for it. Maybe we owe the Sixties an apology.

  • When Will I Learn

    October 1, 2008 by David Kight

    We have been experiencing a gasoline shortage in our area. It’s gotten a bit ‘touchy’ over the last week and we were having trouble getting the gas I needed at our local Quik-Trip, my home away from home. Bobbie, my lovely wife, and I decided to put forth a plan each to deal with the current crises. Her plan was to pray. Yep, pray - and when we needed gas God would make a way for us to get it at our Quik-Trip around the corner. Hmmm. I remember thinking as she was talking, “Bless her little heart. As smart as she is (and she is), She’s obviously not grasping the seriousness of this situation. People are being stranded; lives are being disrupted. The entire Atlanta Metro area is in an upheaval. We have to have a plan that involves creativity, boldness and decisiveness of action.” My plan was to siphon 5 gallons of gas from our old car into a gas can; wait until Midnight on Sunday, after all the traffic had died down; drive into the mountains of North Georgia which were about 50 miles from our home; then, I would begin my search for some gas within the desolate northern areas of our State. If I was unlucky in my quest, I would use the 5 gallons in the gas can to get back home and try again the next night. Creative. Bold. Decisive. The next day, Sunday, after Church, we were coming back home from lunch. The entire time we ate, I was going over my plan – and chuckling a bit at hers. As we topped the hill, we saw movement at the Quik-Trip (the one around the corner from our house). We pulled directly into the parking lot; waited for one other car to fill up; pulled up to the pump and filled our tank. Maybe 12 minutes, tops. As I drove away, I didn’t have the courage to look her way but I knew, just knew, that she had that smile – that smile. I’ll guess I’ll use the gas in the gas can to cut the grass.
  • On Her Side Of The Step

    September 15, 2008 by David Kight


    Across the main highway from our church lives a somewhat elderly lady. She lives alone since the passing of her husband a few years back. I was in past years acquainted with them both but have lost personal contact even though she's still there - only across the highway. I see her from time to time working in the yard (though nothing strenuous anymore), crossing the road to getting her mail, or pulling out of the driveway in her husbands older, but well preserved, Cady. This evening, as I was closing up my office and drawing the blinds, I was taken in by what she was doing. She must have been waiting on a ride, perhaps to her church or to shop. She had her purse and trusty handkerchief in her hands but seemed to have grown tired of standing after a couple of moments. She walked over to the set of brick steps that come down from her small front porch and took a seat on the middle step. This in and of itself holds no meaning except for the fact that she sat on one side of the step, not in the middle but far, far to one side, up against the rail. If another person had been so inclined, they could have walked right up and had just enough room to sit right down, snuggled up close to her side. Now, I doubt that she was aware of what she had done, leaving room for someone to take a place by her side; no more aware than at dinner time when she leaves the old familiar chair that matches hers slid only part way underneath the aging kitchen table; no more aware than when she leaves empty that same old space in the holder next to where she hangs her toothbrush; or, no more aware than when, though finally having an entire bed to herself, she sleeps on the same side that she has always slept on; just as though another person, a person loved, no cherished, for so many decades, could take his place right beside her, snuggled up close to her side. How, after all, could any of those spaces ever be really filled; especially if, at least to her, they aren't really empty. Maybe her ride will come soon.

  • Panic

    September 13, 2008 by David Kight

    Gasoline - more percious than gold. Well, at least when a hurricane is in the Gulf.

    We are putting an alarm system in our church. That seems like a wise move considering today's climate. Anyway, that's another story. The gentleman putting in the system told me that he had word that because of Ike, the current hurricane bearing down upon Galveston, TX., gasoline would soon be at a premium. I rushed to the local QT and called my wife urging her to do the same on her way home. We both did. We both have full tanks. Later, last night, we drove by the same QT station only to see the yellow plastic bags over every gas nozzle indicating all gasoline was gone. All gone; no more; nada; zero; not a drop; the well is dry. I suspect the panic will be over soon. The hurricane "seem" to be a lesser monster that those before it and, I also suspect gasoline will soon be flowing plentifully and at a higher price - imagine that. And having felt the "panic" that the possibility of being without brings, we will be happy; as long as the yellow plastic bags are gone, we will be happy.
  • These Two Would Make It

    July 29, 2007 by David Kight

    The Lord has two in the wings wearing metal T-shirts and driving a beat up car.


    I had the pleasure last Thursday of enjoying lunch at my favorite upscale Mcrestaurant. Sometimes, if the place is packed, I sit with my back to the wall so I can see the people. Not much going on that day so I faced the window. I was sitting and sipping my Mcwater when I saw a young man get out of an old car and walk to the other side. After pulling at the passenger door several times he was finally able to extricate a young woman. They were both thin, tattooed, pierced and wearing their favorite metal band T-shirt. Just as they were to cross the oncoming traffic something happened. They both instinctively held out their hands to one another. Nothing special about that except that I got one of those shivers like you get when the Holy Spirit sits down and eats your last Mcfry and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that these two really loved each other. Not only that, I also knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God's hand was on their union. For this couple He didn't need me to look down on their body art, the way they dressed, or the music that bludgeoned them inside their old car. He needed me to stop and look at the beginning of what God can do in the lives of two young people. They, among the sea of those who would not, would be ok. These two would make it. These two were His and He would oversee their lives. I finished my Mcmeal and went to Mcwork.

  • VBS 2007 - A Total Success

    July 20, 2007 by David Kight


    Well, we did it. Vacation Bible School 2007 is in the History books. And, or course, it had all the earmarks of any other epic event: There were balloons and no helium; the adults from the 60's would not have left them alone. There was a man in a beard;a $5 beard from the local trick shop. There were sugared-up kids and some didn't even hit the floor as they bounced off the walls. There were cars made out of toilet tissue rolls and these were a stroke of genius. There were dead cows (please don't call the ASPCA), these were left over from the Egyptian plagues. There were musical chairs, ahh the sweet sound of Elder Gene's voice. There were songs I can't get them out of my head. I'm going to sue. There was a heartbreaking story of a child with a boil on his _ _ _ _ - don't worry it was popped. There was noise a jet engine is around 115 db. Jet engines are sissies. There was chaos of Biblical proportions. There were tears - mostly from the adults because of the noise and the chaos. There were children; there were dedicated workers; there was the Lord; shake them all together and what do you got?  Ministry, Ministry, Ministry!  I watched adults come in from jobs that should have leveled them for the day. I watched them take a deep breathe, put a smile on their face, and greet the children with joy in their hearts. You can't do that without the Lord. Thank you Jesus for getting us through it  and thank you Jesus for putting us through it!!

  • Last Day of VBS - Morning Before

    July 19, 2007 by David Kight

    I have the mother of all backaches. My legs feel like they aren't my legs. They don't move when I say move. I discovered that the snack we had last night has reappeared all over my hands. It seems to be made of some alien material - a material that earthly soaps and solvents cannot penetrate. I discovered I got up sometime in the middle of the night, cut a piece of chocolate cake and left it in the plate on the counter, untouched, with a little toy hammer beside it. What does that mean? Tonight I am Naaman. Once again in Norm's robe. I really need to have this thing washed for him. The kids are great!
  • Second Day of VBS - Morning Before

    July 18, 2007 by David Kight

    It was great. Kids everywhere - sticky kids everywhere. I'm a little tired but I'm ready for another round. Did I mention I'm doing the story station? Yea, last night I was Moses. Tonight I'm going to be King David. My costumes are great (actually, I'm wearing Norm's bathrobe. I hope he has a big towel at home). And I'm, well, I'm still good The kids are great!
  • First Day of VBS - Morning Before

    July 17, 2007 by David Kight

    Here we go - Vacation Bibile School 2007 is here.


    I'm excited. I'm psyched. Our people have worked day and night to turn the entire church into a NASCAR racetrack. There are pennants, race lanes, road barriers, spare tires, race sounds and a puppet show with a real racecar. It's amazing. The kids will be great!

  • Lunch Prayer

    June 12, 2007 by David Kight

    Ephesians 2:13 But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ".


    I love to eat lunch with my buddy, Tom. Of course one reason is because he's my buddy, Tom. But, the other reason is I like the way Tom prays. It's especially great when the place is crowded. Cause Tom isn't shy. Maybe you think Tom is loud and gonna' rear back and let those pagans in close proximity have a good dose of old time religion. No. Or, maybe you think Tom is going to stand and with grand elocution meld centuries of sound theology into one two minute thanks over a Wendy's single with cheese. Nope, nope, nope. Fact is, if you were sitting behind us and couldn't see Tom you would assume he was talking to another person at the table. No excess volume, no King James language, nothing special. Just talking, talking to someone known, someone trusted, someone respected, and someone loved. Tom talks to the Creator of the Universe like he's known Him all of his life. Truth is, its only been a little over half that. And in that time he has drawn so near to Jesus that you couldn't tell if he's talking to Him or me,except that he's closer to Him - and I've know him over 40 years.

  • Suicide Anyone?

    June 6, 2007 by David Kight

    Things have certainly changed at the drink fountain.


    I was at Quik Trip today and was getting my usual refreshing beverage from their beverage bar. A little boy next to me must have been around 8 - was also taking appropriate steps toward quenching his thirst. He called his Mom over and said, Hey Mom, look what a kid at school showed me. It's called a suicide. He invented it but he showed it to me. Suddenly, I was back at the soda fountain in the drugstore at the corner of Fairground and Clay. Mickey's mother worked there. We didn't get a discount but we knew Mickey and Mickey's mother worked there and that was worth something. Our favorite drinks were suicides. It was a combination of Coke, Pepsi, Nehi Orange, Root Beer and something new that had just come out. I think it was called Sprite. They were delicious and always a mystery because how they tasted on any given day depended on who was making the drink and exactly how long they held the cup under each dispenser. It was madness! I came to myself and moved out of the young man's way. I counted the number of drink dispensers, losing count somewhere around 22. Suicide, eh. These days, it just may very well be.

  • Three New Elders

    June 3, 2007 by David Kight

    Three men accept the irrevocable call of God.


    Our church ordained three men as Elders today. As I was standing behind the pulpit the gravity of the moment hit me. I'm not sure they realize it yet but their lives will never be the same. A call from God is an amazing thing - its forever. Romans 11:29 says, For God's gifts and His call are irrevocable. [He never withdraws them when once they are given, and He does not change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call. While this verse speaks specifically to the eternal position of Israel I don't think it's much of a stretch to apply it to my three friends, my three Elders. No matter where they are, Elders. No matter what they are doing, Elders. Forever. Lord, bless these men. Give them the strength they need to do what You've placed before them. It may not have hit them yet that they will forever be under Your call. They can quit on you but you won't quit on them - its forever. They can ignore you but you wont ignore them - its forever. They can forget you but you wont' forget them - its forever. Its forever. Give them a little time. They'll get it. Amen Oh, and Lord. Don't hesitate to give these guys a challenge. Trust me, they can take it. Amen, again.

  • A Beautiful Sight

    May 31, 2007 by David Kight

    A school of dance that honors the Lord


    Our Granddaughter's dance recital was this weekend. She goes to a wonderful school. A young lady, only a few years ago, began teaching dance to just a few girls. A dance that openly honors the Lord Jesus Christ. This overt Christian bias shows in every aspect, from the music, to the costumes, to the programs, etc. I think it's wonderful. But, then again, I would. It has now blossomed to the point that they have to have four different recitals to accommodate all the kids. Amazing! I admit I'm openly pessimistic about our culture. It seems that the a slippery slope has turned into a Niagara Falls. Everywhere we turn we see all manner of things that would lead our kids away from a godly lifestyle. And yet, in the midst of this torrent of the ungodly the Lord brings forth this oasis of the godly. I watched as child after child after child honored God, the God of the Bible by the way, with their talent. Every little movement, every modest costume, every prelude of Scripture, every piece of music that openly proclaimed Jesus, it was all about our Savior. I was reminded that my pessimism not withstanding, God can still raise up something beautiful when and where He pleases. With God anything is possible. Seems like I read that in a book somewhere. And by the way, my Granddaughter was wonderful!!

  • Memorial Day 2007 - Thank You

    May 27, 2007 by David Kight

    An open thank you to all the American Military men and women around the world.


    To all American Military men and women deployed on home and foreign soil: Thanks to you, our church held service today. We worshipped the God of the Bible and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. No one came to stop us. Thanks to you, my sermon proclaimed Jesus and Jesus alone as the author and finisher of our faith and the way, the truth and the life. I have no fear of repercussions. Thanks to you, we went to lunch after church some miles away in another county. There were no checkpoints or hindrances to our travel. Thanks to you, over lunch we talked openly of areas where we respectfully disagree with some of the policies of our leaders. No one was detained or arrested. Thanks to you, while riding in the car, we enjoyed a myriad of radio stations (music and talk) all containing programming of the owners choosing. Ideas of every kind were openly expressed. Thanks to you, the entire day passed without the sound of a gunshot or IED detonation. All was peaceful in our community. There were no casualties from enemy engagement Thanks to you, tonight we rest in the comfort of our home. I have firearms but feel no need to keep one handy. Thanks to you, we will awake one more day in the most remarkable country in the history of mankind. Thanks to you, we remain free A prayer: od our Father, we pray for safety for the warriors who provide the canopy of peace and freedom under which we live. May they remain safe in Your care and may they sense the awesome power of Your Presence in their lives. In Jesus name I pray;  Amen and Amen.

  • Spiderman, A Policewoman and A Boat-Load of Pre-K

    May 24, 2007 by David Kight

    What I wouldn't give to once again have the imagination of a four year old


    Tonight our church was invaded by 4 yr. olds. One of our members is a teacher at a local Pre-K and we were fortunate to have them hold their graduation ceremonies in our sanctuary. It was a hoot! Myself and one brave Elder attended as sort of support staff. Well, actually, we ran the sound and hid out in the sound booth with the door locked. We only came out when cake was served. All the children were as good as gold and looked so grown up in their diminutive caps and gowns. As each child's name was called to come up and receive his or her diploma the child's wish for adult employment was also read aloud. There were some of what might be considered the usual “ one teacher, one doctor, one policeman, one police woman, one fire fighter and two mail carriers. But, the list included things that didn't appear on the grown-up job radar at the time of my Pre-K Baccalaureate. There was one Power Ranger, one roofer, one house cleaner, and one Spider Man. The winner, however, with three wannabes was, yep, you guessed it, three race car drivers. That's right, three race car drivers. So, the way I figure it, if the kids get their wishes, it looks like future education and healthcare services may falter but NASCAR will be fully staffed. Gentlemen, and ladies, start your engines. Go fast and turn left. Hopefully, the Spiderman-to-be will watch his waistline a bit better than most of us have since we were 4 yrs. old. Spandex can be so revealing.

  • Wednesday Night Chaos/Connection

    May 23, 2007 by David Kight

    Sometimes chaos and connection are difficult to tell apart.

    We have a Bible study on Wednesday nights. That in and of itself is not dramatically different from most churches that I've been a part of except for the fact that I (the heralded pastor/teacher) completely lose control of the event. That's right. All control, gone. Hmmmm. Allow me to elucidate. It was about the 3rd or 4th week before it happened but it happened - total loss of control over a group of people that sit under my teaching on a weekly basis. I saw it happening; I knew it was happening; everything within the context of how I had been trained that Bible study should be was self-destructing; a total melt down. People were talking all at once and I was not included. How could this be? Should I stop it? Well, if so, how? I'm invisible and powerless. I could stamp my ordained foot and flash my God badge. Maybe if I had a whistle or something. I cleared my throat - no good. I faked a cough - no good. I wrote on the board (its one of those dry erase things. I like those). It didn't matter what I did. These people would not stop ........ wait, they would not stop what? Suddenly, the light came on. It wasn't chaos at all. It was connection. This little group was "gelling"; they were becoming comfortable with one another. They were becoming comfortable with me; comfortable enough to put me respectfully on the back burner for just a few minutes; comfortable enough to open up and express themselves one to another. They were becoming a family. Imagine that - a family. They were catching up with one another. They were listening and talking at the same time about what had happened since last we met. They were interested in one another. It boggles the mind. If you should ever come to our Wednesday Night Bible study, come prepared. Chaos? Maybe to the uninitiated. What some may define as chaos comes regularly now and I have found that I miss it should it ever skip a night. All I have to do is sit back and watch as this tightly knit group of people ride a mild, though somewhat raucous wave of chaos until it settles onto the calm shore of connection. Sometimes I write on my board. I love it.
  • Friends

    April 27, 2007 by David Kight

    Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family" (Proverbs 18:24, The Message).

    I had an opportunity to be a visitor at a meeting of a local Christian Writers Group tonight. It was quite impressive how much talent was represented there, from our little town, people who had written children's books, magazine articles, books on Christian apologetics, lots of stuff. Since I was a visitor, the moderator asked the person who invited me to make the introduction. I did my usual - immediately turn red and hope for the rapture. But, it didn't come - at least I hope it didn't. I'm still here. Never mind, I know it didn't happen because Bobbie's still here too. Whew! Scared myself for a moment. Anyway, he started the introduction with the age old, "I'd like to introduce my friend, David Kight". That's good, used to that, nothing new. But, then he paused and said, "And he's not just a friend, like an acquaintance, no, he's not like that at all, he's a true friend, a real friend". Wow, something new has been added - a true friend, a real friend. It set me to thinking - What's the difference, friend, real friend, same-same right? No, it's not the same, not by a long shot. When I stop to think, I've had lots of friends - you know, those people who know about me, where I live, where I work, so on and so on. But, I don't have a lot of real friends. I mean true friends, real friends like the Bible talks about. Especially, in the church setting, I have found over the years its difficult, almost impossible to develop true, real friendship. But this is crazy. In church we're all true, real friends - aren't we? We even call each other brother and sister. Doesn't that mean we've reached that steep plateau of true, real friendship? Maybe for you, but it hasn't always worked that way for me. You can tell a true friend that you blew off your quiet times last week and went through your old Beatle albums. You can tell a true friend that some days you find it hard, almost impossible to be nice, in fact some days it just feels good to be a little bit mean. You can tell a true friend that you did that thing again that you try so hard not to do and swore you'd never do but do anyway sometimes. You can go to lunch with a true friend and not ask the blessing so loud that you make a baby cry 4 tables away. In fact, you can go to lunch with a true friend and not a say the blessing at all because he knows how thankful you are just to be alive. You can tell a true friend that sometimes you laugh at Larry the Cable Guy and you can tell a true friend that sometimes you cry every time you watch Toy Story and the girl cowboy doll sings about being tossed aside by her owner. You can tell a true friend that sometimes you think you hear the audible voice of God and you can tell a true friend that sometimes you wonder if He's even there at all. Most church friends that I've had aren't that kind of friend - but I wish they were. I bet Jesus was that kind of friend, a true friend to the disciples. I bet, somehow, he let them know that they didn't have to play act when they were around him; they didn't have to always pretend like they had things together or that they knew what steps to take or that they weren't really afraid of the dark. I bet Jesus was a true friend. And you know what, I bet He still is!!
  • Romans 8:28

    April 24, 2007 by David Kight

    A very good friend of mine found out a few days ago that his job was being phased out and his services would no longer be needed. Now, this man is not an old man. He had been in this position for 11 years, since he was quite a young man and assumed that he would be in this same position many years hence. Did I mention this job was, in its own way, a very real position in ministry. He is married and has a 2 year old child. Now, in today's economic climate, these stories come a dime a dozen. I've been there and many of you have also been there. Hold up, I haven't gotten to the point yet. The point is Romans 8:28. You know it; _"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose"_. Of course the import to this verse is that no matter what we are going through, God will work it out for his children. That's a given. No one I know in the faith disputes that. The catch is that this "working out" is a process, it takes time and, as I was taught in counseling school "in the meantime, while God is working out, it can turn into a really MEAN time'. There is a lot to wade through. Let's see, we have anger, worry, anxiety, uh help me out here, disillusionment, disappointment in the situation and in yourself. The list is longer, but you get what I'm saying. When bad things come upon us our humanity responds just exactly like humanity responds - with all these emotions and questions. All right, I'm ready for the point - and I bet you are too. He came to me not because he was afraid that Romans 8:28 would not apply to this situation in his life. He is dead certain that it does and in due season God will always do what He says He will do - He will take our life's situations, though they be negative, do His thing, and turn them into something that is positive in our live. My friend has that much wired - God's gonna' do what He says - Duh! He came to me because he new I would allow him to talk about the MEAN time that it takes to get through the meantime. He was afraid that if he showed hurt or anger or worry around his church friends, those who look up to him and his position, he was afraid that they would turn him away and see him less a Christian or even worse, he was afraid of being given one of those pat churchy answers that make the person giving it feel spiritual and makes the one receiving feel like throwing something (in love of course. He felt isolated from the very ones that are intended to be a source of solace in a time of hurt. We talked, or actually he talked and I listened. He went through his feelings and expressed them in a most articulate manner, some he expressed a bit louder than others but still he covered them all. When he finished, I put my hand on his shoulder and asked him if he was alright? He said he was fine, thanked me for listening and we went back to work. Simple as that. Now, to the moral. I have no doubt in my mind that this guy will be fine, his family will be fine and more than anything else I know his faith is fine. He just needed someone he trusted to process a little instead of being one those who thinks a show of humanity on the part of a Christian some how diminishes their faith and even what God will do in their lives. God is a pretty tough customer. He's not afraid of your emotions, feelings, reactions and all that human stuff. Guess what? He made all that human stuff - its His stuff to start with. Stuff is gonna happen to you - trust me. And when it does, God has already set in motion all the wheels that need to turn to make it come out a blessing on the other side. But, in the meantime, that can be such a MEAN time, find someone you trust and go through it, one by one. If your friend is wise, he won't try to give you solutions or quick fixes or even religious platitudes, he'll just listen, pat you on the back and send you on your way knowing full well that your God, the God of the Universe, has already taken care of it all, down the road, when the MEAN time becomes a SWEET time, a Romans 8:28 time will happen - Praise God!
  • Johnny Junkins

    April 20, 2007 by David Kight


    I just wanted to thank all of you, as well as the entire country for helping me to celebrate a day dedicated to a guy you've never met and I suspect never heard of until know. Oh I know the formal name is Memorial Day, but since February of 1967, for me its been "Johnny Junkins" Day. Now, I don't want to give a false impression. Johnny and I were not friends - no, far from it. I was a year behind him in high school, I knew him, even hung out at his house a couple of times, but we were not friends. I was terrified of him! We were all terrified of him! He was the meanest, toughest "you know what" in our entire school which to the teenage mind meant he was the meanest, toughest "you know what" in the entire world. He had failed a couple of grades and he seemed like a grown up man to all of us except this grown up man would beat you half to death if you gave him the slightest provocation or sometimes just because it was Tuesday. Even the teachers would cross to the other side of the hall. In gym class they used to let us, or make us, box. The standing rule made by the principal was that anyone who boxed Johnny had to not only wear headgear but also a catchers mask. They went through 3 catchers masks my junior year. After graduating in 1966 with an overall average of exactly 70, exactly (what are the odds - talk about your no kid left behind), Johnny joined the Army and volunteered for Viet Nam. When I heard that I rode my bike to my best friend Mike's house who just happened to live next door to the Junkins. We laughed and joked about how with Johnny over there it would be a slaughter. How could anyone stand up against the power and rage of a Junkins let loose - not to mention armed with an M-16. When school began the next September Johnny was a local legend, bigger than life, bad to the bone, indestructible - a 19 year old superman in green that would knock you're name out of the phonebook. When that day came in February, I remember it was still cold and really windy. They couldn't open the casket. They just put his senior picture on top with a bronze star draped over it. I can't listen to the politicians a lot on "Johnny Junkins" Day - not either side of the aisle. I'm sure they mean well, but it seems like both sides try to take credit for what Johnny did and use this sacred day to further their on private agendas. Maybe I'm too sensitive but it seems Johnny deserves more than a day off for the Post Office and the banks being closed - and they never once mention Johnny - at least not the one I knew, or the one you knew, or your Dad, or your brother, or your Uncle, or your Grandfather - and it makes me sad because they will all forever be heroes to me - the unknown Johnny's, both men and women, who have either risked or laid down their lives throughout the entire history of this nation, including today, so that you and I might sleep safely at night. They're all heroes to me and I thank God for them. So, happy Johnny Junkins day. You can sleep well tonight - the Johnny's are still on the job - and they're all heroes to me.

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